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Nain is just a 16 year old boy in a band. He expects that his junior year will be about the same as (if slightly worse than) every other year he's spent in the magical town that he calls home. But when the Death, a race of near vampires, come to stay, the town shuts out anyone connected to them, including Nain. In this new Martoq, Nain struggles to live an ordinary life, while the neatly woven tapestry surrounding him starts to unravel. (clich�s!) -Updates will resume once I can get to a scanner! Shouldn't be long-

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I was selling at a con this weekend so it was all rather crazy. I haven't had a chance to scan pages in a couple days, but i hope to tonight or tomorrow. Yay.... mega uploads.....

Double Daily updates!

As you may have noticed, Martoq high is now updating twice daily, as promised. This will continue for about 5 more weeks, and then it will return to once daily updates as per the original schedule. Enjoy the rush of pages!

Weekly Updates

So... I lied about regular updates returning. I'm very sorry, but the comic is going to be weekly for the next 7 weeks. After that, there will be twice-daily updates to make up for the missed days. I hope this seems like a good compromise.

Short break

Hey everybody! We are now halfway through volume two, and it's time for the comic to take a short, 7-day break. After this, the daily updates will resume. Unfortunately, I will be away from my home (and scanner) for a large part of this summer. So... we'll see how that goes. Anyways, week-long break!

On Hiatus

Hey there everybody. As you may or may not know, the first volume of Martoq High has just finished posting. The editor and I didn't feel it was appropriate to just jump into the second volume and, frankly, we could use a little break. So, the comic is on hiatus for the month of March and will return promptly in April. See you then!

New archive format

Smackjeeves just came out with adding chapters to the archives, so I've decided to try it with Martoq High. Let me know if you find it annoying.

Thanks, the management

Update schedule

Hi there. Just wanted to inform everyone that the update time may jump around a bit for the next couple of weeks. The comic will still update once a day, so it wont really effect you much unless you stare at the front page around 4 o'clock every day waiting for Martoq High to update. :P


I have just added the comic's editor as an author on the comic so that she may see pages before you do. Neener neener and such.

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